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Frank Pawuk

910 Norris St.

Saxton, Pa  16678



Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, my home and gallery is in south central Pennsylvania, at the mouth of the beautiful Raystown Lake. My focus, therefore, is set on capturing the beautiful panoramic views, and wildlife on and around the lake, and creating beautiful wall art, and home décor for anyone who loves this area and the great outdoors. Whether you vacation here, live in the area, or are an avid outdoorsman/woman, you can bring the beautiful views and wildlife that surround the Raystown Lake, into your home or business with my magnificent photos as a life long keepsake, that will certainly remind you daily, of how truly blessed we are, to live or spend time in such a beautifully landscaped world.

Call or email for an appointment to visit my gallery and make sure you follow me on Facebook for new photo postings.